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This webinar is appropriate for program managers, front-line staff and all volunteers and staff members who engage in client services and program processes. You will probably need to look no further than your own face in the mirror or perhaps your parent’s face to find a “baby-boomer”. “Baby-boomers” are all around us, and we have a lot to say, and for the most part we have some power over our lives. This course will begin with us “baby-boomers” our needs and concerns. But, there is a growing population that is becoming elderly, and there is an effort to put some safe guards in place, because economic, social and health instability in the later stages of life is an increasing concern of public and private service agencies. In this course, service providers will learn best practice in customer service, and how to become aware of diversity that may be spiritual, cultural, and ethnic when working with “baby-boomers” and elderly customers.

Topical highlights are:
  • Why be positive about aging yourself
  • What do “Baby-boomers” want and demand today
  • The elder customers - an aging population at-risk and how we can best serve them
  • Diversity is spiritual, cultural, ethnic and enduring
  • Aging customer rights to dignity, self-determination and respect
  • 12 PosiPower Tips – Best customer service practice for “Baby-boomer” customers
  • 12 PosiPower Tips – Best customer service practice for elderly customers

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